Illustration Friday 7.6.2012 - Suspend

Been too long since my last post! A lot has happened, we've moved from Baltimore to our country hometown of Chestertown, MD, bought a house, and finally tied the knot! Been doing lots of wedding invites and maps (including my own of course!) and also some freelance illustration here and there.

Illustration Friday is a great way to keep the chops up, especially if you're in a creative funk : )

Inspired by all the koi kites I took notice of while in Hawai'i for our honeymoon~

My New Website is Up!


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Illustration Friday: Adrift

This is my submission for Illustration Friday this week. : )

Russian Doll

After watching Transiberian, I decided to paint another take on the Matryoshka doll. (Russian Doll) I'd love to take a trip on the train, minus the drug smuggling, adultery, and murder. : )

FINALLY-Buy the finished book!

Finally, I have all my illustrations painted for my children's book! They've all been scanned, fixed, cropped etc. I also made a small color mock up for Final Crits. (There's no way I'll have it published by next week!!) Here is the final Cover, one of 24 illustrations!

Now you can buy the finished paperback online!
(Partial proceeds go to BARCS)

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

New Etsy Products!

My Etsy store has finally been updated with the apparel I printed over Thanksgiving! Please take a minute and check it out. Even if you aren't expecting, pass it on to friends and family. Lots of gift ideas. Soon I'll have prints and more originals up also. Check in often!

Thanks for looking!

You can visit the store here!

I'm A Little Tea Pot!

Zombie Nation

Yes it's that weird Nintendo NES game from 1990 that involves a zombie-killing free-floating severed samurai head that travels to the US to take out the walking dead. The assignment was to recreate a video game cover. The original for Zombie Nation is pretty out there, the Samurai head (the "hero" and main character you play) is cut off by the horrible 90's type and the zombies are rendered in 3-D clay, but poorly. This is just my reinterpretation. : )